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On Sunday September 10th, 2017 I put in a work order to get a towel rack fixed that was falling out of the wall. Thinking nothing of it, I thought someone would come in, patch it up and leave. Unfortunately it was a little more serious than he thought. Maintenance ended up taking the rack off the wall where about a three inch by 2 inch hole remained until the next day. While putting the towels on the other rack, I saw something in the wall. It looked like an older newspaper, I was curious.

In the wall was a copy of the Washington Post from August 9, 1970. In complete disbelief, I instantly opened it up and started looking through it. The 3 sections that I had were Style, People, and Book World. The simplicity of the paper, from the font to the layout to the picture quality is completely different from what we see the Washington Post or any newspaper in general to be. This paper was much easier on the eyes and more pleasing to look through.

Thinking about it, the technology we have now makes it so we do not have to even think about purchasing a physical paper. It was much more common back then to get your paper delivered to your house everyday. There were no smart phones, tablets, or computers that could instantly give up to minute news with the press of a button. While the idea of saving paper and saving the trees is important to society today, the history that can be in your hands from a physical newspaper is different than keeping a bookmark on your computer. Whether it be within the last ten (or forty seven years in this case) this find really made me realize how much not only news publishing but how we receive information has changed.

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