The End of a Module

With the final module coming to a close, I found this one to be the most interesting. While I do enjoy working in groups, I liked how we were able to create what we wanted to without having to make sure everyone else agreed with what I did. With that being said, it was much more tedious and difficult if I got stuck. I was able to follow along in class however, there were a few aspects of this website that I got stuck doing, but luckily I looked it up and was able to easily teach myself. I decided to do my module on journalism since that topic is the most relatable to what I would like to do for a living. My website is based off the history and what I believe it will be like in the future along with some influential journalists throughout time. I used an Storify as an assistant in my website. It was fairly easy to figure out and the best thing about it was being able to look up tweets or other social media posts that I would like to include and all I had to do was drag and drop the link where I wanted it.

I do believe we did have enough time to do all of this, I am not 100% satisfied with my website. I would have liked to explore more and be able to play around with different tools of the site if I was more confident in what I was doing. I believe that this confidence will just come with time. For the time being, the knowledge that I had going into this, and what I learned during, I found that I learned the most during this module.

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