Module 3: Journalism

For the final module of the semester, I am going to be looking into journalism. Since I would like to be a journalist after college, I would like to look further into certain stories along with creating and investigating into my own. For the assignment, I chose to use I have browsed the site and it seems fairly self explanatory to use. I found that I will be able to personalize my edit how I would want to work. I think that the html coding will be the most difficult part of this project. I was able to follow in class, however, I would like to be able to comfortably do it on my own. I think it is just a process of trial and error. My topic that I am investigating is what journalism is going to become in the future. How will it be used and what does this mean for the freelance workers or other college students paying thousands of dollars to get a degree to have a career that is not guaranteed.

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