Hello world!

Hello world!

My name is Janelle Behm and I am a junior at the University of Mary Washington. Before transferring to UMW in the fall 2016, I earned my associates degree in general education at Germanna Community College. I am majoring in communications and digital studies and minoring in business administration. On campus I am involved a few clubs including the Blue and Gray Press, the Odyssey online, the Performing Arts Club and the swim club. If you see me on campus I always have coffee in my hand. You can say that is what gets me through the day.

Aside of academics, a hobby of mine is dancing. I have been taking classes since I was three years old. After I graduated high school, I began to teach my own classes at the studio I did a majority of my growing up in. My favorite style of dance is jazz, but I have also taken ballet, contemporary, hip hop, and tap!

This semester I am taking an Introduction to Digital Studies class to fulfill a credit for my major. Through my domain I hope that you will follow me along on my journey this semester with blogs, projects and other assignments. I want my domain to be as easy as possible to explore by everyone! I hope you will continue to check back for updated posts!


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  1. Hey Janelle! Congratulations on earning your associates degree in general education! I love how involved you are on campus and the fact that you dance! I’m a dancer as well. I dance polynesian cultural dances such as Hula and Tahitian but I love to learn how to dance different styles. You should consider teaching a class on campus, I would definitely take it!

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