Module 2: Blogging

The module that my group and I are researching and will be presenting is blogging. I currently write for the Odyssey online and for the UMW newspaper. From what I have experienced so far is that it has the potential to be different from blogging. I read that people read blogs every day, but no one can really set a definition for it. My initial perception of blogging is that you document more on a personal scale. According to, the Huffington Post is currently the top earning blog. If you are into humor/Hollywood gossip, Perez Hilton is another top earning blogger listed at #4 on this list.

While doing research, I came upon A Timeline of the History of Blogging in the New York Magazine. This article showed that the first known blog came about in 1994 by Justin Hall called The word blog also came from the word weblog. In April of 1999, Peter Merholz shortened the term. Here is the timeline of other events in blogging history below:

For this module, I have linked my blog for this class to my Twitter and Facebook accounts to begin gaining followers just like I have to for the Odyssey. Personally, I like blogging because it is my online journal. It is up to me to to determine what I would and would not like to share online. It can be opinionated or it can be to inform others. I like taking a class like this where we have to blog because it can help us become more consistent while being creative. It will be interesting to see where blogging will go in the future.

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