Blogging and Spring Break!

As we come down to the last couple days before spring break, it seems like every assignment/test is due at once. While it can be stressful, it is good to step back and think that if you get work done now, you can rest for a week (maybe). As module two comes to a close I have learned a few things about blogging that I did not know before. Like stated previously I found that blogging is easier than writing about a topic to inform because it has the potential to be opinionated if the writer wants to. From previous experience, WordPress is the easiest for me just because it is linked to my website that I will be able to keep even after I graduate from high school. I enjoyed working in my group because as we were talking about our blogs, everyone’s purpose for their blog was different. It showed that we are all doing a similar project but as individuals in the group we were able to personalize what we wanted to write about. After this blogging module is over I want to become more consistent and post on my blog every Sunday. Hopefully after that I will start two times a week.

What are you doing for spring break? Some see spring break as going away on vacation, others see it as going home and laying low. I do not have many plans for spring break, but I am looking forward to lounging around, working, and recharging to finish the rest of my junior year. My brother will still be in school and my parents will be at work, so going home (and probably binging Friday Night Lights) will be my ideal vacation. During break it will also be a preparation for some non school related events. In two weeks the dance studio I teach at will be going to the first competition of the season! I am looking forward to seeing their progress they have made throughout the season so far and watching them perform on stage. I may be hard on them sometimes and other times I can see that they are tired, but I know that they are more than ready. Following that, in three weeks I will be turning 21 so I am looking forward to birthday festivities more so instead of spring break festivities including going to see Chicago at the Kennedy Center.  I always look forward to the month of March, but this year March will be a month to remember.

Hope you all have a great, relaxing spring break!

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