The End of a Module

With the final module coming to a close, I found this one to be the most interesting. While I do enjoy working in groups, I liked how we were able to create what we wanted to without having to make sure everyone else agreed with what I did. With that being said, it was much more tedious and difficult if I got stuck. I was able to follow along in class however, there were a few aspects of this website that I got stuck doing, but luckily I looked it up and was able to easily teach myself. I decided to do my module on journalism since that topic is the most relatable to what I would like to do for a living. My website is based off the history and what I believe it will be like in the future along with some influential journalists throughout time. I used an Storify as an assistant in my website. It was fairly easy to figure out and the best thing about it was being able to look up tweets or other social media posts that I would like to include and all I had to do was drag and drop the link where I wanted it.

I do believe we did have enough time to do all of this, I am not 100% satisfied with my website. I would have liked to explore more and be able to play around with different tools of the site if I was more confident in what I was doing. I believe that this confidence will just come with time. For the time being, the knowledge that I had going into this, and what I learned during, I found that I learned the most during this module.

Module 3: Journalism

For the final module of the semester, I am going to be looking into journalism. Since I would like to be a journalist after college, I would like to look further into certain stories along with creating and investigating into my own. For the assignment, I chose to use I have browsed the site and it seems fairly self explanatory to use. I found that I will be able to personalize my edit how I would want to work. I think that the html coding will be the most difficult part of this project. I was able to follow in class, however, I would like to be able to comfortably do it on my own. I think it is just a process of trial and error. My topic that I am investigating is what journalism is going to become in the future. How will it be used and what does this mean for the freelance workers or other college students paying thousands of dollars to get a degree to have a career that is not guaranteed.

Digital Archaeology

The digital archaeology project has been one of the most difficult projects I have had to complete thus far. The idea behind the project and the instructions were clear however, actually finding information about the item my group took apart was extremely difficult. The group that I was in disassembled a Game Boy Advance. Taking it apart took a little longer than anticipated. For example, we discovered words and numbers on the opposite side of the screen which was covered in a sticky fabric like material. It was able to be scraped off, but we were worried at first about ruining any information we could have received from that part. Luckily, we were able to retrieve it. After we took the Game Boy apart a little more, we began to see a lot more of the miniature chips that were inside.

When my group began to assign parts, we realized that the 12 part goal that we had to investigate was going to be hard to accomplish. I did research on the largest chip which was from a company in Japan along with most of the parts. I also found the Neatline website to be a very useful tool, once it was figured out. Starting out, it was a little confusing to navigate, but after only using a couple of the tools, we became familiar with the necessities needed to complete our tasks.

Overall, I found this project to be very interesting in finding when and where parts of the Game Boy came from. It allowed for a lot of in depth research which worked for some parts but not for others. I believe that the items found within the object will differ from group to group depending on the size, use, and the year it was created.

Included below and in our presentation is a time lapse that I constructed to show a quick version of how we disassembled our item.

Game Boy Advance


Blogging and Spring Break!

As we come down to the last couple days before spring break, it seems like every assignment/test is due at once. While it can be stressful, it is good to step back and think that if you get work done now, you can rest for a week (maybe). As module two comes to a close I have learned a few things about blogging that I did not know before. Like stated previously I found that blogging is easier than writing about a topic to inform because it has the potential to be opinionated if the writer wants to. From previous experience, WordPress is the easiest for me just because it is linked to my website that I will be able to keep even after I graduate from high school. I enjoyed working in my group because as we were talking about our blogs, everyone’s purpose for their blog was different. It showed that we are all doing a similar project but as individuals in the group we were able to personalize what we wanted to write about. After this blogging module is over I want to become more consistent and post on my blog every Sunday. Hopefully after that I will start two times a week.

What are you doing for spring break? Some see spring break as going away on vacation, others see it as going home and laying low. I do not have many plans for spring break, but I am looking forward to lounging around, working, and recharging to finish the rest of my junior year. My brother will still be in school and my parents will be at work, so going home (and probably binging Friday Night Lights) will be my ideal vacation. During break it will also be a preparation for some non school related events. In two weeks the dance studio I teach at will be going to the first competition of the season! I am looking forward to seeing their progress they have made throughout the season so far and watching them perform on stage. I may be hard on them sometimes and other times I can see that they are tired, but I know that they are more than ready. Following that, in three weeks I will be turning 21 so I am looking forward to birthday festivities more so instead of spring break festivities including going to see Chicago at the Kennedy Center.  I always look forward to the month of March, but this year March will be a month to remember.

Hope you all have a great, relaxing spring break!

Module 2: Blogging

The module that my group and I are researching and will be presenting is blogging. I currently write for the Odyssey online and for the UMW newspaper. From what I have experienced so far is that it has the potential to be different from blogging. I read that people read blogs every day, but no one can really set a definition for it. My initial perception of blogging is that you document more on a personal scale. According to, the Huffington Post is currently the top earning blog. If you are into humor/Hollywood gossip, Perez Hilton is another top earning blogger listed at #4 on this list.

While doing research, I came upon A Timeline of the History of Blogging in the New York Magazine. This article showed that the first known blog came about in 1994 by Justin Hall called The word blog also came from the word weblog. In April of 1999, Peter Merholz shortened the term. Here is the timeline of other events in blogging history below:

For this module, I have linked my blog for this class to my Twitter and Facebook accounts to begin gaining followers just like I have to for the Odyssey. Personally, I like blogging because it is my online journal. It is up to me to to determine what I would and would not like to share online. It can be opinionated or it can be to inform others. I like taking a class like this where we have to blog because it can help us become more consistent while being creative. It will be interesting to see where blogging will go in the future.

Confidence is key


I thought it would be fun to play around on giphy for a while seeing as how I have never made a gif from a video clip before. The Devil Wears Prada is one of my favorite movies and Meryl Streep is one of my favorite actresses so why not make a gif that includes both? While it was not very difficult and took basically no time at all, I decided to also do some research about the gif. I found an interesting website that I will link down below that basically explained how there were beliefs that gifs had to go, then twitter shut everyone down and make there own gif search engine to bring them back, but let us rewind a little bit more. The gif was introduced in 1987 by Steve Wilhite. The article continues to explain how creating what the gif is now wasn’t their intentional idea. I find it amazing that something that was a completely different concept before has evolved into something like this now. When it comes to certain trends on the internet such as gifs, you either love them or hate them.  It is easy for anyone to make a gif and the reason/purpose behind someone making them can be just pure entertainment to educational purposes to even trying to catch attention to prove a point.

Module 1 – The Animated GIF

Welcome back!

The first module section is entitled creativity. While there were many options that I wanted to choose, I decided to go with The Animated GIF. I am really interested in taking pictures, creating videos, and now I will be able to learn how to properly create my own GIF. In class we discussed how most GIF’s are actually just MP4 or video files on repeat. I never realized that until I looked at the difference between the two and I can definitely tell. Most of the video files can become pixelated depending on the quality. I am not quite sure what to expect from this module (i.e. will it be challenging or easy to complete) since it is the first one, but I am ready to learn a new skill that also seems to be a lot of fun!


Hello world!

Hello world!

My name is Janelle Behm and I am a junior at the University of Mary Washington. Before transferring to UMW in the fall 2016, I earned my associates degree in general education at Germanna Community College. I am majoring in communications and digital studies and minoring in business administration. On campus I am involved a few clubs including the Blue and Gray Press, the Odyssey online, the Performing Arts Club and the swim club. If you see me on campus I always have coffee in my hand. You can say that is what gets me through the day.

Aside of academics, a hobby of mine is dancing. I have been taking classes since I was three years old. After I graduated high school, I began to teach my own classes at the studio I did a majority of my growing up in. My favorite style of dance is jazz, but I have also taken ballet, contemporary, hip hop, and tap!

This semester I am taking an Introduction to Digital Studies class to fulfill a credit for my major. Through my domain I hope that you will follow me along on my journey this semester with blogs, projects and other assignments. I want my domain to be as easy as possible to explore by everyone! I hope you will continue to check back for updated posts!